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Red Dragon Marine Product Centre Abalone

Abalones are one of the most exquisite and valuable dishes in Chinese Cuisine and is highly in demand during Chinese New Year.

They are commonly cooked together with other ingredients and their rich and fragrant taste engulfed us completely once we start chewing on their smooth and tender texture.


The largest producers of abalones are from Mexico, Australia, New Zealand and Japan, and they are classified into different grades according to their origin and size.


  • Rich in nutrition value and boost immune system

    • alleviate cold, flu and common illnesses


  • Enhance blood circulation

    • benefit eyesight and complexion

  • Improve functions of our internal organs

    • reduce risk of heart disease

    • cleanse and detox our stomach, lungs, livers and kidneys

  • Beneficial for weak stomach

    • prevent constipation, improve digestion and bowel movement

Red Dragon Marine Product Centre Abalone


Step 1 


Rinse dried abalones with water and wash away any impurities present. Soak them overnight.

Step 2 


Clean the abalones and change water. Cook abalone in boiling water for 10 minutes and let it cool. Soak them overnight and repeat this step for the next day.

Step 3 


Change water and soak the abalones in fridge (lower compartment) for 2 days. They will start to expand.

Step 4 

The abalones can be placed together with other ingredients and stew for few hours, depending on the grade of abalones. 


Remaining unused soaked abalones can be kept in freezer for storage after draining away the water, up to a year.

This serves as a general guide as products of different quality involves different preparation techniques.

Kindly approach our staffs for queries on products purchased to get the best results. (Singapore)

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