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Red Dragon Marine Product Centre Cordycep

Cordyceps are a valuable type of fungus that has been used as a form of tonic for centuries.


They can be brewed directly in soups or be grounded into powder and consumed in tablet form.


They have a wide range of health benefits and can even slow down the growth of tumors from certain types of cancer.


Always inform your doctor before taking them, especially if undergoing any surgery or operation!

Red Dragon Marine Product Centre Cordycep


  • Improve immune system

    • reduce stress and relieve fatigue

  • Regulate respiratory system

    • expand bronchus and increase oxygen uptake, treat asthma

  • Anti-oxidant effects

    • rejuvenate skin and slow down aging

  • Improve functions of heart, liver, lungs and kidneys

    • detoxify body and better overall health

Red Dragon Marine Product Centre


Rinse cordyceps and put in double boiling pot with chicken/pork and any other ingredients. Remove fats of chicken/pork to reduce oiliness. 


Double boil for 3 hours and ready to be served.

This serves as a general guide as products of different quality involves different preparation techniques.

Kindly approach our staffs for queries on products purchased to get the best results. (Singapore)

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