Red Dragon Marine Product Centre Scallop

Dried scallops are used extensively in Chinese cuisine as it has a rich and distinctive flavor to strengthen the taste of dishes.


Top quality scallops from Hokkaido Japan are imported to give consumers the strong desired taste, packed with nutrients that helps to not only enhance our overall immune system, but also boost our cardiovascular system and preventing colorectal cancer.


Healthy eating has never been so tasty!


  • Strengthen cardiovascular system

    • help to relax blood vessels and reduce risk of stroke

  •  Health rejuvenation

    • for weak stomach, help to improve appetite, digestion and bowel movement

  • Low in cholesterol and blood sugar

    • beneficial for diabetic, high cholesterol or high blood pressure patients

  • Relieve stress and pain

    • cure body aches such as headache, tiring eyes and backache

Red Dragon Marine Product Centre Scallop


Rinse dried scallops with water to wash away impurities. Soak them for 10 minutes before placing them together with food and cook directly.

This serves as a general guide as products of different quality involves different preparation techniques.

Kindly approach our staffs for queries on products purchased to get the best results. (Singapore)