Considered as one of the four heavenly king seafood dishes in Chinese cuisine, Sea cucumber is a delicacy that is enjoyed by people of all ages.


It is one of the most popular dishes among elderlies due to its high nutrient value and aplenty benefits.


Known as the treatment for all illnesses, they are used to prevent diseases such as high blood pressure, diabetes, aging joints and many others ailments that elderlies are prone to.


When buying sea cucumber, buy one that is dry and hard like a rock for good economic value!

Red Dragon Marine Product Centre Sea Cucumber
Red Dragon Marine Product Centre Sea Cucumber


  •  Rich in collagen and protein

    • prevent aging joint pain and boost cellular growth

  • Low in fat, cholesterol and blood sugar

    • beneficial for coronary heart disease and diabetic patients

    • lower blood pressure and cholesterol levels

  • Strengthen overall immunity

    • cleanse and detox lungs, liver and kidneys

  • Improve blood circulation

    • retain youthfulness by providing smooth and radiant skin

Red Dragon Marine Product Centre
Red Dragon Marine Product Centre


Step 1 


Soak sea cucumbers in a pot of water overnight. Use a lid to cover pot.


Ensure the pot is:

  1. clean with no oil or rice in it. (otherwise sea cucumbers will not expand)

  2. large enough for water to fully cover the sea cucumbers and for them to expand.

Step 2 


Change water in pot and boil for 10 minutes with sea cucumbers in it. Leave them to soak overnight again.

Step 3 


Touch and examine if sea cucumbers are soft enough to be cut open.


  • If not, repeat step 2.

  • If yes, using a knife, cut open and wash away sand, intestine and any other impurities found in it. Change water in pot and place the sea cucumbers in fridge (lower compartment). Continue to soak them for two to three days.

Step 4 


After soaking for two to three days, sea cucumbers should be soft and enlarged.


Take out the sea cucumbers and drain away the water. They are ready to be cooked. For storage, place the sea cucumbers in freezer and they are able to last up till a year.

This serves as a general guide as products of different quality involves different preparation techniques.

Kindly approach our staffs for queries on products purchased to get the best results. (Singapore)

Red Dragon Marine Product Centre
Red Dragon Marine Product Centre