Shark's fin is one of the most luxury ingredients in Chinese cuisine.


The fins and tail of the shark are cut and then undergoes a series of processing before they are sold to the market.


Due to concerns about the unethical handling of sharks and them being endangered species, shark fins are strongly discouraged to be consumed by many.

Red Dragon Marine Product Centre Shark Fin
Red Dragon Marine Product Centre Shark Fin


  • Strengthen overall health

    • Improve functions of our heart, liver, lungs and kidneys

  • Reduce phlegm accumulated in our body

    • Prevent cold, flu and common illnesses

  • Replenishes blood, relieve fatigue

    • Tonic for people with weak body and immune system


Step 1 


Rinse fins with water and boil them for 10 minutes. Remove fins from stove after 10 minutes and soak them overnight.

Step 2 


Change water and wash the fins. Remove any bones present.

Step 4 


The fins are now ready to be consumed and be added into dishes to enhance flavor.

Step 3 


Place gingers and white onions together with the fins and steam for 2 to 3 hours.

This serves as a general guide as products of different quality involves different preparation techniques.

Kindly approach our staffs for queries on products purchased to get the best results. (Singapore)